KEK CMB Group ツ本ツ文へツジツδδδ督プ
How to join us

Any graduate students and Postdocs who have ambition to make breakthrough
on understanding the birth of the universe and ultra-high-energy physics are highly welcome !

There are several paths to join us
The Graduate University for Advances Studies (Sokendai)
School of High Energy Accelerator Science

JSPS Fellow

KEK Fellow

For students :

When you join us as a graduate student,
you can choose one of the following projects for the completion of Ph.D.

1) Observation/Analysis in international experiments (QUIET, POLARBEAR)
2) Instrumentations for the future satellite experiments (LiteBIRD, Super Conducting Detectors (SCD))

Those who want to work on hardware as well as those interested in phenomenology/data analysis in the field of cosmology are both welcome. Our activity is not only limited to the hardware project but also deeply involved in data analysis and its interpretation. We also encourage students who are interested in the application aspect of our research and development, such as the use of superconducting detector technology for particle physics experiments.

Please feel free to contact for more information

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