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  • "Radio-transparent multi-layer insulation for radiowave receivers"
    J. Choi, H. Ishitsuka, S. Mima, S. Oguri, K. Takahashi and O. Tajima
    To appear in RSI [arXiv:1306.5040]

  • "Cryogenic cooling with cryocooler on a rotating system"
    S. Oguri, J. Choi, M. Kawai and O. Tajima
    Rev. Sci. Instru.84.055116

  • "The QUIET Instrument"
    QUIET Collaboration
    ApJ 768 9 [arXiv:1207.5562]

  • "Second Season QUIET Observations: Measurements of the CMB Polarization Power Spectrum at 95 GHz"
    QUIET Collaboration
    ApJ 760 145[arXiv:1207.5034]

  • "Innovative Demodulation Scheme for Coherent Detectors in CMB Experiment"
    Koji Ishidoshiro et al.
    Rev.Sci.Instrum.83,056104 [arXiv:1203.2407]

  • "Readout system with on-board demodulation for CMB polarization experiments using coherent polarimeter arrays"
    Koji Ishidoshiro et al.
    Submitted to IEEE TNS [arXiv:1112.0644]

  • "Calibration system with cryogenically-cooled loads for cosmic microwave background polarization detector"
    Masaya Hasegawa, Osamu Tajima et al.
    Rev.Sci.Instrum.81,054501 [arXiv:1102.4956]

  • "Simple Foreground Cleaning Algorithm for Detecting Primordial B-mode Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background"
    Nobuhiko Katayama and Eiichiro Komatsu
    ApJ 737 78 [arXiv:1101.5210]

  • "First Season QUIET Observations: Measurements of CMB Polarization Power Spectra at 43GHz in the Multipole Range 25 <= ell <=475"
    QUIET Collaboration
    ApJ 741 111 [arXiv:1012.3191]


  • "The thermal design of the POLARBEAR-2 experiment"
    Yuki Inoue
    2012年度 総合研究大学院大学認定研究レポート[PDF]

  • "Measurement of Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Power Spectra at 43GHz with Q/U Imaging ExperimenT"
    Yuji Chinone

  • "CMB偏光観測POLARBEARにおけるニュートリノ質量和に対する感度の研究"
    Akie Shimizu
    2010年度 総合研究大学院大学認定研究レポート